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by Michele


Mi'Scents by Michele Products have been described as "AMAZING", "PHENOMENAL", and "the BEST SOAP EVER"!!!    Customers claim our "Lavender Glory" ACNE fighter has no match... even prescriptions and big-name national products have not come close to helping them fight acne like "Lavender Glory" has... and it does so while cleansing and hydrating your skin.                               Even Psoriasis, Eczema, Althete's Foot, Nail Fungus, Insomnia, Rashes, Wounds, Rosacea, Cellulite, and many more conditions have had amazing reports of being cleared up or helped. Check out our products and see which you want to try!    Since they're all-natural, almost anyone can enjoy our premium products...even if they don't have skin problems... Because of the Quality of our soaps, 2 different health food stores have stated that "no one puts as much Essential Oils in their products" as we do.  So they smell GREAT too all the way through to the end!

StraightWay Design Inc. is the sole manufacturer of  Mi'Scents by Michele

    Premium Personal Care products. These homemade hand-made all-natural products are

    made of the highest quality ingredients. Our Sea Salts, Soaps, Shampoos, Lotions and

     Massage Oils were made to pamper the individual that uses them. Made with the

      Highest Quality natural essential oils, long known for both physical and mental

       therapeutic benefits, our customers have given repeated testimonies as to the

    effectiveness of our products. We've been told that our soaps and salts have brought

    physical relief from itching, dryness, swelling, redness, break-outs, and many other

ailments, as well as rest and relaxation. We've even been told "it's the best soap ever!"


Mi'Scents by Michele bath products are customer tested and approved. Most of our items

    are color-free allowing us to give you a natural product. Soaps & Salts may be custom

   ordered with color for special events, and even personalized scents can be created. We

    have customizable gift baskets which are all unique, and you may even be able to

personalize your soap box. We aim to please.


    Whether you're relaxing while soaking in a "Lavender" bath with some candles burning

and soft music playing, or showering for work with an uplifting energizing "Peppermint"

bar, or soothing an itch with our "Maggie's Blend" lotion, you'll discover the many

reasons why you want to make Mi'Scents your scents!

You'll Love them!


These products and statements have not been verified or tested by the US Food and Drug

administration and therefore should not be used to diagnose, treat or take the place of proper

medical care, and are only given for informational purposes only.


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Mi'Scents by Michele is looking for a couple of people that live in the greater Detroit area to show what our Lavender Glory can do. If you know a young woman or young man with acne that would be willing to sample our wonderful product free of charge, and show our customers the before and after pictures, along with providing an honest testimonial of what they think of it, please let us know.  

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The Currently Available Scents Are:

Standard Scents

Restorative Blends

Mood Enhancing Blends





(for Insomnia)

Lemon Grass

(uplifting skin sooth)

Old Fashioned Peppermint


(Cooling Soap/Anti-Inflammatory Salt)




Tea Tree

(Natural Antiseptic)






Maggie's Blend

(for Eczema/Psoriasis)

Lavender Glory

(for Acne)


(for Fungal Issues)

Frankincense & Myrrh

(Ancient Regenerative)

Chamomile Dreams

(for Heat/Yeast Issues)

Herbal Oasis

(for Soft Exfoliation)

No Entomo

(to Repel Insects)


(for cracked wounded skin)


(for Cellulite)


(for Rosacea)


(Hair Shampoo Bar)


Enchanted Evening


Patchouli & Vetiver












Massage Oils

  Gift Baskets


    Click on the Scents above to learn about their benefits and availability. We apologize for

    some unfinished pages. If you are unable to click on a particular scent, please contact

us via the email mailbox below to get more info.





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